Howl at the Moon - Christine Warren You know, for an elite member of the spook squad, Noah was kinda...dumb there. He was...uneasy about his assignment, so why didn't he have a chat with Graham and apprise him of it? Also, why didn't he get his team members to follow when they went after Annie.

Annie, for a brilliant scientist, was downright stupid. What did she THINK would happen if she isolated those genes? And to do this at a university lab?!?! ==facepalm.

Our h seemed to be the smartest one of the bunch, although her letting her cousin use her as a guinea pig made her less than genius material (particularly since neither of these ladies thought to inform the alpha)

As an aside, once a signal is isolated on a cell phone, its use or lack thereof is irrelevant. So that bit about the non-secure phone not being used to call for help was a bit lame - the only way his team wouldn't be able to locate him would be if it were destroyed.

And, in spite of the fact that I mostly liked this one, I'm a little (?) tired of the Lupines. There many flavors of Others? And over half the books feature a wolf. The exceptions have been... fae/human, changeling/human, guardian/human, tiger/tiger, demon/human, and vampire/human.