Walk on the Wild Side - Christine Warren 1.5. Harsh laugh. Where to start. So first off, we have a young man wandering around sowing his wild oats, knowing full well that his dipping in any watering hole will trigger said hole's fertility, and hanging around long enough for an oat to take root, then...leaving a 16 year old girl pregnant with a half Leo?!

That's the setup.

Our h, having just discovered by accident she's a shifter (literally, she was in a car accident and shifted to get out), finds out her daddy wasn't a human boy killed in a car accident all along. This is a small town she's from. I'm assuming that everyone else in town knew the truth? Emmmm... Right.

So she contacts dear old dad (after her grandfather tells her the truth), and goes to visit daddy warbucks in Vegas. Daddy is dying. Daddy has an ex wife and 2 legitimate offspring who are not happy to share. Daddy has a second who runs the show.

At some point, I started skimming. I'm not sure if it was the H's ordering her around, or calling her childish every time she objected. Or maybe it's the fact that she was soooo unbelievably accepting of her father. She had all these thoughts in the beginning but a good nap, a few arguments, sex, and she was calling him "pa". Yeah; I couldn't suspend belief that far either.

And then there are the inconsistencies. I know the books were written out of order, and I've (mostly) accepted that she was making things up as she went BUT... on one page, the trip was 11 hours, a page and a half later, it was 9 and a half. There was the whole "do leos have fated mates or not" question because it was not really answered. To be honest, the half-assed attempt at explaining made it even more questionable. It was implied that the male would cause his MATE to become fertile, it was never explained if that was ONLY his mate (and if that's the case, then why the abandoned pregnant teenager?) , or any female he boinked (see first paragraph).

Ehh...No. This was an epic fail with me.