Sweet Starfire (Colony Trilogy) - Jayne Ann Krentz Huh. An interesting world...er....system. I found myself wondering about the connection with the author's later series. Guess they all were founded under similar circumstances.

So our h was born...a bit different...from her people. Her people are ahhh.... kinda like monks I guess. Telepathic monks at that. She's not, and she's full of all those nasty emotions. She wants to be "normal" The H, out of a sense of responsibility, takes her on as a crew member in a ship that sounds like it's barely larger than a fighter jet.

I think maybe my biggest issue might have been the constant puzzling about how this fit into other futuristics by the same author. Eh, it was a minor quibble brought on because the author revisited the idea and stuck some familiar themes in other series.