Shield's Lady - Amanda Glass, Jayne Ann Krentz There was a point...where I wanted to reach through the pages and smack someone around with my mad non-existent karate skills.

You see, the book managed to not just trip, but jump up and down vigorously on a sore spot for me, namely the one where the h (I'm sure there's one out there somewhere that victimizes the H this way) finds herself married by virtue of treachery or a con job. I have a pretty good imagination, and I could see myself plotting his demise v. easily for this. Of course, this being a romance, it's a given that she will fall for him, but you know, I don't think I could ever trust a man who'd pulled one over on me like that. Frankly, some of the things she said to him, I thought mild. I could see sarcastically asking him if he was unable to find a wife without tricking her.

Do I like the book? Eh, it's ok. That whole thing though spoiled my enjoyment. I was slightly mollified at the end when he finally decided he'd done a bad thing and should give her a choice. Slightly though, because by that point, he'd autocratically told her she had to leave with him, told her she couldn't visit a town (while he was off visiting a friend, he told her to stay on the boat), threatened to spank her for disobeying him (back again to that "you have to sleep sometime...") In essence, he was a controlling alpha-hole.

Odd thing...why were the ships only found on the western continent? Or were they just never hunted on the eastern one?

As an aside, while this is considered to be part of a trilogy, I don't really see the connections. For one, they don't take place in the same star system, and book 2 (Crystal Flame) doesn't even read like a futuristic.