Heat Wave - Jennifer Archer, Katie MacAlister, Sheridon Smythe More of a 2.5. This was...an interesting idea on the surface - three authors write collaborating stories about a given event or whatever. The plot was a bit questionable - 200 strangers plopped in a resort and told to go forth and date. It was like the dating survivor. And then the authors got little details off. How off? Oh, the fact that in two of the stories - when there were lots of people around, everyone had their own personal private cabana. Well, actually the second doesn't really say, but it sounds like that was the case. The third one, when there were 50 whole people, they were having to share cabanas. And only two authors had anyone other than maybe the producers be a constant. You'd think that if a certain contestant was so notorious by the last week, she'd have gotten attention from the v. beginning.

Enough of that; on to the individual tales.

First up is Katie MacAlister's contribution. Ok, so the H is a dingbat, his best friend is a creep, and the h's bestie is pushy and overbearing. The smuggled cat takes up entirely too much page time and what humor was present was more of the eyerolling sort (really? The cat is suicidal over being neutered?)

Second up is Jennifer Archer's contribution. Lousy set-up; h and her fiancé got onto the show to win prize money. Fiance has proceeded to boink everything that moves apparently while ignoring h. Heroine wanders off, goes skinnydipping in the ocean with storm approaching, and has run-in with crew member. Fiance gets all suspicious over her (who at the time hasn't actually done anything). "H" essentially blackmails her into going into a closet with him where he mauls her (she's afraid of discovery so doesn't, oh I dunno, knee him in the balls). Fiance and others find them. Eventually, he gets fired, she breaks up with fiancé, and they become an item. Still, couldn't get past the fact that he was putting the moves on a woman who considered herself to be involved and was pretty much telling him no.

Sheridon Smythe had the last entry. This one was probably the best of the bunch, although the h's mother manipulating her into going onto the show irritated me a lot. And the H's cold-blooded search for what amounted to a temporary wife to regain possession of a teddy bear was off-putting. At least, she reacted well to it - avoided any interaction with him at all after he confessed. Thought the whole "fly to Vegas" ending was a bit much under the circumstances - and unbelievable. I wouldn't trust him.