Gabriel's Ghost - Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker More of a 3.5. Written in first person and annoyingly enough, not with any real insight as to the h's reasons for everything. Also, more of a HFN since there's a second book about the couple.

I liked the H but had issues with the h. Ok, she's played cat and mouse with this guy for 4 years. He's supposedly killed 2 years before the book begins. Heroine was...upset about it. So he goes to great lengths to rescue her from a prison planet and... over the course of the book, she figures out just how much of a given power he has. He's human, and I guess the best way to describe his ahhh specialness is that he is strong in the Force. Much is made over his mind reading abilities. Most who have this gift are of an aquatic species, not human. He's never been comfortable with it.

Every time the h discovers he can do something new, she wigs out. At some point, I wanted to reach through the pages and smack her silly. Somewhat hypocritically, she attempted to lecture a crew member for shunning a friend of this aquatic species after mind reading.

I'm hoping book 2 is an improvement, because I don't know if I can take another 450 pages of her blowing hot and cold.