The Seeker - Lindsay McKenna 2.5 stars of meh actually. The premise is good - alien artifact cut into pieces and scattered throughout time and around the globe, modern people sent to retrieve them - the execution of *this* installment was off though.

Eh, as long as the H/h focused on the mission, it wasn't bad. Unfortunately, they had a history and there was where the story broke down, badly.

The first impression of her - "I will not go on a mission with him! I work alone! You can't make me!" - was that of a petulant child. (actually, she didn't say precisely those words but that was the tone). We're told he's a controlling neanderthal - by her. The impression of him - "hello baby" (not that precisely) was of a flirt. And we're constantly told that her nipples responded to him. Every time he flirted with her, he got called a controlling neanderthal. And he just wouldn't open up and trust her, which was why she broke up with him two years ago.

Which was another thing - the impression I got was that they met two years ago in Afghanistan, but they dated two years and broke up two years ago. Errr...did I miss something?

Now, he finally opens up and tells her his father had no patience for emotional outbursts which made him the closed up individual he is today. Yeah... what about his mother? The parents were together, so why was this *all* dear old dad's fault?

We won't get into the fact that the H/h were in different branches of the military and apparently able to spend *2* years in a relationship in Afghanistan.

Fortunately, the series is written by an assortment of authors. Unfortunately, there are 12 pieces to be recovered in 4 books and 4 overpriced short stories. And...the last was published 3 years ago so apparently the series was dropped without ending it. Way to go publishers.