The Slayer - Cindy Dees Huh. After the first book in the series, this was surprisingly good. Then again, it was a different author so maybe that's why. The h gets zapped back in time to locate another piece of the gizmo and while there runs into the H, who just happens to be a trapped Centaurian (bad guys). Of course, how bad can he be when he's your soul mate eh? Poor guy was confuzzled about the h messing with his powers. The h was equally confused, and well, there's that whole attraction business.

There was a brief moment when I was like, eh? That was when the H's stallion put the h's mare in her place - showing her who was boss. Emmm... right. You know, offhand, I know of two breeding stallions who were nearly crippled by an irate mare. Clearly THEY lost that argument. ;D