Lady Rogue - Cinnamon Burke I've come to the conclusion that I've developed ADD in my old age. More likely, I'm more sensitive to boredom. Which is why this rates a 3 - I found net surfing, cutting up fruit, and shoot, cleaning up cat poo more interesting. For one, it's a long-ice book, and it got longer the more I read it. For another, well...

You could say our H was hoisted by his own petard, whatever a petard is. I'm going to assume it's his balls. See, he's what amounts to a corporate undercover cop. In the future. Yeah. Corporations do their own investigation, prosecution, etc. Nice. Sure hope they're honest, cuz getting framed would be a dismal prospect. His mission is to infiltrate a space pirate's organization, collect intel, and... there will be a raid.

So what's the problem? Well, other than plans not always working out *quite* how one expects (you'd think his boss would know this), he gets their attention before his partner of sorts gets there. He attempts to get the partner to abort the attention stunt - with mixed results. The partner decides he's fallen to the dark side. So the boss sends someone else, who also decides that yeah; he's fallen. At this point, I'm banging my head against whatever solid surface I can find. What the hell? Do these various undercover operatives not get the concept of undercover? It's like they're trying to get him killed. Or they're so damned stupid that maybe THEY should find another job. Of course the raid takes place and the geniuses are frustrated because they didn't bother to warn him about it so he's drugged alongside everyone else. D'oh.

Now that I've ranted about that bit of sheer stupidity (that runs through the whole book so...), the H is attracted to the h right off the bat. The h is attracted too but she's...cautious. Eventually, they fall for each other, etc, etc. then the raid happens and she's pissed off, rightfully so. Even better, his employers dismiss this as an obsession (rather than the possibility that he has real feelings). Nice.

One thing, most books are largely written from the h's POV. Occasionally you'll find one that's...not. This is one of them. Normally I'd see that as being different, in this case it's more of a handicap as even the reader gets the feeling he's obsessed with the h. And while we're privy to the fact that he is in fact still in infiltration mode, he is distracted by her.