Ring of Fire - Cinnamon Burke DNF. I think I made it to the halfway point. And, I'm purging book 3. So what prompted me to dump the book *and* the series at the halfway point? First off, they're really long, drawn out books. Second...

Ok, the premise of a romance is H meets h, sparks fly, they work out differences, nookie maybe ensues, declarations, the end. This all in whatever masquerades as a plot. All of this hinges on several things. One is that the characters aren't...stupid? This includes not just the H/h, but everyone, especially if the persons are supposed to be intelligent.

So we're in book 2 of a trilogy. Another investigator, this time on a mining asteroid to investigate deaths. Hmmm... Ok, why didn't the company owners shut down the mine and *then* do the investigation? It seems careless and stupid to have people actively working in a place that's proven hazardous. And then there's the investigator himself. He's a former athlete. A famous one. Ahhhh...how is it nobody has recognized him until now? And he has such difficulty maintaining character around the h (who did recognize him). Again, how is it he is supposed to be a great agent?

So our genius agent had managed to make the mining manager suspicious and ended up (along with the h) dumped in the ancient maze that they were keeping secret. Because I read a lot of suspense, and have run into the occasional undercover H, I cannot fathom a H who is supposedly one of the best intelligence agents being so careless as to oh I dunno, not booby trap his door in some way.

I didn't read yesterday, and I didn't want to read any of this book today. I skimmed the third book, enough to know that the h was a dingbat, the H an overgrown child, and the bad guy a scheming douchebag. Oh, and all these females in the series deal with some lovestruck moron who can't seem to understand the meaning of "talk to the hand".