Deception Cove - Jayne Castle 3.5. Wow. This one was a tough one to rate.

Ok, I think the bestest way to approach it is - story first, then worry about fit.

The story was...rather quick. You don't realize until the end (which, because it moves so quickly) that the story only takes maybe 4 days. The H/h are a typical sort of match - both having odd talents that make them difficult fits. They get along well. The dust bunny, while engaging, doesn't take over the story. This part, I liked.

The fit, the fit... Ok, we've had a previous H who worked silver light (or something) and could disappear. So what... He, when he used that particular talent, almost fried himself. And I'm pretty sure he had to use amber to channel it. So our H in this book works the light, and our h in this book can disappear. No mention is made of either one needing amber. What gives? And no ghost burn. None, nada, zip, zilch. Personally, I thought the ghost burn the second most interesting part. So yeah; can we get back to "normal" stuff on Harmony? I mean; I'd really like a regular ol' fashioned ghost hunter for a H next time.