Come the Spring - Julie Garwood Ok, unlike the previous entries in this series (one overly long book about a mary sue and the gary stu who loved her, and three novellas) this was actually a good book. The reluctant H and the equally reluctant h were decent together. Also the side story romance with the marshall who showed his face off and on through the novellas was interesting.

There were times it was hard to remember this was supposed to be a romance though; it came across as a slightly off western. Slightly off in that the westerns I've read, while the Hs acknowledged the fairer sex, the authors didn't delve into sexual attraction. Since this one did (because hey, it's a romance) its strong western vibes were a bit...jarring at times. Or maybe it was the sudden nod to lust. Not sure. Eh, it was more of a case that I've read L'Amour so am somewhat familiar with that and this seemed... like it couldn't quite make its mind up. Ah well.

Ok, one thing that did stand out throughout the series is why do all the men whisper? I've never met a man who whispered. Most seem to have difficulty with volume control. So that's just...weird, and occurring so much that I actually notice it.