The Duke Next Door - Celeste Bradley 3. Eh, could have done without the lovelorn idiot. The H/h had enough on their plates breaking down mutual walls without his presence, even if it did provide a convenient excuse for the H to act all out of character, curse like a sailor and be heroic instead of the stick. On the other hand, if it weren't for the idiot, the H would never have doubted the h in the first place, etc.

And I still don't know what makes the H tick. He's all built up in self-superiority I guess. But why? No - really. Are we to believe this came about just because he found out he had a half brother at age 8? Right. Nope, not believing that a bit. Any more than I believe that he was unaware of this inward feeling. Besides which, after his set-down of Lady Tess in the previous book in defense of the h of that book, and his admitting that he only proposed to her because his brother was interested, then he's v. much aware that he ain't perfect.

The h... I got. And maybe because of her comment about Lady Tess' parenting skills, I found myself wondering WHY he wasn't pondering that more. He had a brief moment after she said something where he wondered a bit but he apparently forgot it.

I can't say that getting this stick to unbend was that pleasant because he apparently needed to be hit harder with that clue-by-four. Really - your first wife runs off with her lover (resulting in death), your fiancee that you attempted one-upmanship against your brother broke it off because she preferred said brother, and your new wife has locked you out of her bedroom... Maybe it's time to sit down and do some soul searching instead of ignoring everything and blaming the women.