The Outlaw Heart - Vivian Knight-Jenkins Hmmm Perplexed look. I bought the book because the cover and synopsis promised a very entertaining read. Huh. I felt slightly as if I'd been had.

Ok, we're all familiar with covers lying to us but come on; the h impersonates a BOY throughout the book. You can't do that with waist length blond locks and a dress you idjits. The H knows she's a girl right off the bat because he encounters boobage, but nobody else does.

Entertainment? Not really. He's a Pinkerton agent undercover in the James gang. He gets shot - why I dunno as the sheriff knew who and what he was - and she gets to care for him. She has moments of being...dense. A wounded man tells you to get the lead out and you have to sit somewhere and ponder an eternity before figuring he meant to dig the bullet out? Seriously? Also, I'm sure that swiss army knife could have been used to illustrate her being from the future.

Bit of amusement about the horses - one of the outlaws rode a thoroughbred. Didn't even rate capitalization. The H rode a Morgan. Not just any Morgan (note capitalization), but a Black Hawk Morgan... as opposed to Lippitt, Brunk or...

Other things, time often passed from paragraph to paragraph rather jarringly. Most authors use a break to indicate a scene or drastic time change but there was one point where several hours and a scene change both happened from one paragraph to the next w/no indication of said changes.