Is there anyone out there?

For the last several months, I haven't seen anything show up in my feed.  Most of the time, unless I just posted something, I get a blank page - no headers, no posts, just...white space.  Someone said things would eventually load for them.  Nothing loaded for me.  I tried turning my ad blocker off, to see if that was the issue.  Apparently not.  I don't have cookies blocked, so not that.  Today, I plopped a review down, then out of curiosity, went to look at a few followers' blogs.


I noted posts on the issues.  I noted comments on said issues.  I...was unable to like or comment or...  the links appeared dead.  Is this yet another bug showing up?


I was musing a few days ago that it would be nice if they'd just say "we're killing it" rather than let it die a slow death by ignoring it. I was musing that when the site was down, and wondering if they'd finally decided to kill it for good.  Fortunately, I've maintained my shelves on goodreads *if only because the ones here are so clunky and often incomplete*. I just wish they'd do something besides phone it in.