Oaths - Lindsay Buroker

Yeah...not really feeling this one. I think perhaps there was one too many books, or not enough ideas. Well, that and yet another round of Cas/Tolemek emoting. Really, I do grasp that the temple needed built, Ridge's mom needed to be told, etc., but... the first part of the book was largely a rescue mission to free what must be the most inept former pirate ever (how did he ever survive as a pirate? Seriously), while his love interest panicked because even though they're living together now, they still can't seem to actually relate to each other and she'd bolted and wasn't there to help. He's finally rescued, though I'd imagine it would only be a few weeks before some other topic came up that caused her to bolt.

In the meantime, Ridge's mom has stumbled across a sleeping dragon, saw a kid levitating rocks, and is convinced Ridge is pulling some sort of elaborate hoax on her. It was almost funny until you realize she actually saw this stuff and still doesn't believe it.

Fortunately the wedding takes place (and half the book) and is actually amusing. So is the short story tacked on to the end.