Soulblade - Lindsay Buroker

Problem #1 The party is split up
Problem #2 The.Party.Is.Split.Up
Problem #3 THE PARTY IS SPLIT UP!!!!


Ok, essentially our merry band of adventurers is split into 3 storylines here. storyline 1 is where most all the fun stuff happens and where most of the group is. Storyline 2 is in search of storyline 3 and consists of one of the adventurers, an amusingly delusional dragon, and an officer who doesn't actually like the star of storyline 3. Storyline 3 consists of the missing, presumed dead H, an amoral, power mad sorceress, and her increasingly disenchanted soulblade.


I had issues with storyline 3 because of what happens. The collision of all these storylines happens over/in the castle. Fortunately, the good guys prevail, likely because the unhappy soulblade refused to protect his mistress.