The Blade's Memory - Lindsay Buroker

Well, the story arc was completed, so no cliffhanger. OTOH, it left Cas in a less than thrilling place, and her relationship with Tolemek up in the wind. Indication is that the author left it in a spot where, if it didn't sell, she wouldn't feel bad about stopping here. Fortunately it did so maybe all those loose ends get tied up.


In any case, our band of heroes/heroines are back in their home country, hiding, because the ones in the military are considered AWOL, and the two that aren't, well... there's a witch hunt afoot, literally, for anyone with dragonblood. The irony is, the person behind it, has dragonblood. Much excitement later (not necessarily good excitement), the villain is killed, everyone is either rescued or exonerated...well, except for Cas who is off mentally beating herself up. The end...sort of, because there's Cas, and there's an even more ancient sorceress with a soulblade, and there's also a dragon.