Laced with Desire - Denise Rossetti, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill, Jaci Burton

Alrighty then...


Tale the first: set-up made me bristle quite a bit. H and h's late husband were both friends and business rivals. H's secretary was h's best friend. After the death of her husband, h had taken over the company. Construction apparently pays well - the h's secretary owned a condo in HI (not time share, which I might have believed, but outright), so does H. Heroine takes secretary up on offer to use condo for a week, with every intention of getting laid. Secretary lets H know, so he can stay at his condo the same week. H "rescues" h from some guy who is reluctant to understand "no", then asks h why she is really there. Apparently the thought of "I wasn't aware I needed to clear a vacation with you" never crosses her mind - she tells him she's there to get laid. H/h hook up, then afterwards, it's back to business as usual(?!). I mean; beyond the improbability of a mere secretary owning a condo in HI - while working in Tulsa, there's the notion that the h has to have approval from her competitor to take a vacation.


Tale the second. Rather poignant. Heroine is a 40-something former supermodel who trusted the wrong guy 20 years ago. His selling lewd pics of her to tabloids didn't have any affect on her career BUT...her dad was a minister. Uh oh. She's pretty much kept everyone at arm's length ever since. She's having surgery in a few days because a tumor (or polyp) was found in/on her uterus. The boss has feelings for her and after she breaks down following a business meeting, he seizes the opportunity. In this case, he offers to fulfull a fantasy for her - a threesome - and keeps her distracted up until surgery and hangs around afterward. The tumor/polyp is benign fortunately, and the H refuses to let her go.


Tale the third. So a guy walks into a fetish bar, picks up a sub, and fulfills her fantasy... Then she's gravely injured in Iraq, while he's in Afghanistan. He finds out about her injuries, and goes after her. She's now blind and nearly deaf. And a good deal of the story is his form of psychotherapy. Hmmm. I mean; I suppose snapping out orders might get a soldier up out of the easy chair but... Or maybe it's that he takes her to a club - a crowded club - 48 hours after dragging her from the easy chair she'd been moping in for close to a year. You'd think the sensory overload would leave her in a crumpled heap on the floor. Just a little weirded out by that one.


Tale the third. Odd fantasy where the language is crude earth but there are 2 moons. Hero is high ranking soldier. Heroine is slave. She's owned by an ambassador to a rival nation. There's intrigue, sex (obviously), a blocked assassination attempt, a faked death, etc. What little world building there is, is interesting.