Dragonsworn - Sherrilyn Kenyon

*runs to top of hill <Primal scream>
*comes back and sits down at computer, dogs now barking in the distance
*runs back for another round
*comes back for another try, sirens heard


Now that I've gotten that out of my system....
It gets *a* star for actually being a book. The last 3 I read from her consisted of...a half fleshed out outline, and two cut/paste jobbies with a few interconnecting bits written in to attempt to keep you from noticing. It's gonna have to work for anything more than that though.


A long long time ago, in a dimension far away... the dark hunters were this group of men and women who, upon death by betrayal, screamed out or something and got a second chance at life (and a moment of retribution) from Artemis. Why her is not really known. Afterall, not all were Greek or...


In any case this particular splinter in the windmills of the author's mind has been corrupted by honey fungus.


Also a long long time ago, in a dimension far away, there was a battle between good and evile with Morgana leFey being the villainous. Alas, this particular world was all but abandoned by the author until she saw an opportunity to send a tendril of honey fungus from the contaminated DH splinter its way. The cynic in me figures Son of No-one was that Lords of Avalon book promised years ago, only rewritten so she could drag it down in the cesspool the DH world has turned into.


Enough commentary on the series and how I feel about all this. The characters ultimately make or break a book. So let's look at them, shall we? I'll be honest here though, this is a book of terrible, awful people who don't really deserve HEAs. IOW, sometimes a badass is just an ass.


Brogan: Deathseer, fey. I thought she was a he when I first picked the book up and flipped into it to read a page. Alas; she's too kind for this world so while I'm sure she gets a HEA (see next character), I'm also sure the author couldn't write her as an MC if she tried.
Blaise: albino mandrake (which makes little sense since they're half dragon, half fey, and any case, I see that and picture a screaming plant, thanks to JK Rowling). In spite of negativity due to his albinism, he's also a nice person and will never see a book of his own. Apparently it was love at first sight...er...sniff as he's blind in fey form... w/Brogan.
Brandor: Brogan's brother. Really, other than his having spent a long period of time chained to Morgan's bed, nothing is really said about him. He's wallpaper and exists for the sole purpose of speaking every now and then.
Urian: I think the last several books have covered Urian in soundbites. Though I have questions that probably will never be answered, like how is it that he had to feed when his genetic parents are Styxx and Bet In any case, the constant whining that "dad killed me" got old books ago, and isn't quite true as he was still alive when Acheron patched him up. What Acheron did to him beyond that, dunno.
Maddor: mandrake, son of H. He, like Brandor, exists for the purpose of some soggy emotional moments involving another character.
Shadow: shadow demon? I think? He gets high marks for essentially telling everyone to get over themselves. They expressed scorn because he'd sided with someone else during epic battle a zillion years ago. He pointed out that a) not everyone had a choice and b) they only knew 1 side of the story
Falcyn: dragon god of war or something like that. I can overlook his crankiness based on being an ancient dragon and also god of war. The grudges OTOH... at some point, you need to get over yourself. He's still angry at his brother Max for assisting the mother in a custody battle, for want of a better word. Granted, this left his son trapped in Morgan's clutches. OTOH, Blaise (grandson) wouldn't have existed otherwise, so... personality-wise, he's pregnant. His mood swings vary from cranky (get off my lawn) to choking back tears *every other page*.
Medea: h. Raging psychopathic bitch. She and her mother kept a being chained to the wall and tortured him regularly for 11 THOUSAND YEARS. Her niceness toward the hero is not unlike the obsessed fan in Misery. i.e. she'd try to kill the H if he ever tried to leave her, or did anything she interpreted as betrayal.


The book starts out in Sanctuary and after a teleportation goes awry, spends much of the book in the fey dimension where we got lots of moping, pity parties, reassurance from people that one should view with the same attentiveness one views a poisonous snake, drawn out, detailed, overly sweet sex (where at least one hissing sound is heard. Hmmm; maybe that was a queef), and eventually everyone gets back home, all the dragons are freed, including the sister who'd been mentioned a few times but never explained what happened to her... and Morgan and Apollo are plotting. Irony, according to Acheron, Apollo's death would mean the end of the world. If he's so determined to destroy everything, why doesn't he just off himself and put us all out of this bloated series' misery?


Also, I love it (said sarcastically) when the author forgets her own rules. They can't teleport in or out - have to use a portal key - and yet they end up there via a teleportation that went sideways. Simi seems to just pop in wherever she darn well pleases. Portal key? What's that? A god's powers don't work in other pantheons, and yet how many times has Acheron demonstrated his Atlantean powers in the Greek pantheon. Both Falcyn and Medea were able to use their powers in Camelot.


Will I read Urian's book? Maybe if I find it at the library. Of course, that requires me to actually GO to the library.