Do-or-Die Bridesmaid - Julie Miller

You know, including this in the long-running KCPD series is a bit of a stretch when you spend most of the book not knowing who the H is and how he ties in. I suppose I should have recognized the name dropping but it was an email so...:shrug


The story starts out with the H finding himself reading a wedding invite - from his former girlfriend (dumped him when he proposed) and his college room-mate. Along with the invite were notes from the couple expressing concern and a desire for all three of them to be bestest friends again. Are you kidding me?!


To my everlasting disappointment, instead of sending a missive telling them where to shove their friendship, where to go, and explicit directions on how to get there, the H..goes back home to VA to attend the wedding, thereby turning his man card into a wad of toilet paper and flushing it, along with his dignity.


Not happy with the inauspicious beginning here, and frankly disappointed he didn't punch the groom in the face after the wedding. But this wasn't about that couple - they quickly disappeared on their honeymoon (may the mosquitoes of the Caribbean see them as an all-you-can-eat buffet). It is about the bride's little sister, who has had a crush on the H since puberty I suppose, and her scatterbrained neighbor who bit off way more than she could chew and as is discovered, skipped the wedding because she was being killed for her troubles.


We then meet the local deputy who varies between being an ass, to a creep, the the deceased's boyfriend who appears strung out or something, a lawyer, a thug, an ex boyfriend who'd gotten tired of scatterbrain's stringing him along (and she wanted him to be happy for her that she'd found what she wanted to be Mr Right. It's like a disease where people don't seem to realize that expecting someone you dumped to be best buddies is a huge stretch).


Then the texts start, and after she a) figures out she's being spied on through a window and b) figures out what her late friend was talking about, they figure out what the deceased had that was so important, but not why. They also figure out that whoever is watching knows they know, so they run.


They stay at the H's family house (abandoned for at least a year), deciding to stay dressed - at least until they give in to the urges and make woohoo. Then of course, the bad guys show up, set fire to the place and here they gotta get dressed so they can run (facepalm)


They do eventually make it back to KC where we find out just how this ties in to the series (oh, so THAT's who he is), set up a trap, get confessions, get the bad guys caught (lawyer = thug too apparently, and yep; deputy was crooked), confess their ILYs, the end.

Some thoughts/issues - H was an agent for WITSEC, and paid visits to a few of his former clients along the way. This allowed him to dump his ride (made them harder to track), get fed and febreezed... and yet, they couldn't manage to find someone who could gas up the wheels while they stayed out of sight.


He was concerned that someone had gotten into her apartment but after figuring out she didn't have a landline, dismissed it as them trying to bug her phone and not checking deeper into things.


The aforementioned nookie on the run - after the decision to stay dressed rather than change into PJs in case they had to make a run for it, that's a bit more than changing. After all, in a pinch, you can run in your PJs - people show up in walmart all the time like that.


Going from one sister to another. ick And of course, going to the wedding in the first place "so people would stop worrying about him". IMO, the people "worrying" about him gave up their right to be concerned.