The Aeronaut's Windlass - Jim Butcher

Wow; just over a week shy of being marked "in progress" 3 months. Telling.


Butcher can write, can make fascinating characters, etc. BUT... this isn't my bag. The characters were all interesting, the plot...interesting...ish..., the world building...? Eh. I really don't care much for distopian/steampunkish/alternate reality sorts of settings. There are a lot of reasons for this - authors mostly seem to get so caught up in showing us how weird and fantastical their idea is that they forget the story being one...


In this case, there were soooo many threads it came off somewhat soap opera-ish. I mean; they all came together to a...somewhat...satisfying end... Somewhat. But in the meantime, you were all over the place, because the party started in multiple places, came together, broke off in multiple directions, loads of shit happened, some regrouped... There was an awful lot of keeping up with who was where and with whom. Add the length of the book, and my having places to go and people to annoy, and it translates to me having to just sit myself down and read the %#$@@ book, if only so I can move on.


And I still have no idea where this is, how it came to be, or...anything. Will I read the next? Maybe. probably won't buy hardcover unless I find it in the bargain section though. Might just check the library.