Wicked Wonderland - Janice Maynard, Luann McLane, Susanna Carr

Well...it wasn't bad. OTOH, it wasn't really good either. Two flings and a coworker who came across as sexually harassing when you get down to it.


The first tale...dingbat heroine manages to miss the train because she's too busy shopping at a gift shop to notice the whistle. Of course, dumb kid running the gift shop has the sensitivity of a brick. She's saved essentially by the artist who carved the items she was admiring. And...I have to ask, was she looking for paint goobers and stuff? The train had left 30 minutes prior when the kid approached her to ask her to leave. I can't imagine staring at a display that long, and apparently she was there far longer since she had the time in the first place. H/h went into it with the idea of a fling, and well, fortunately I guess, they let it morph at its own pace.


The second - h had a history of bad decisions and had made a concerted effort to clean up her life. If that meant buttoning up and covering up, so be it. H had all the appearance of being another bad decision and well, in typical oblivious bad decision-appearing male fashion, pressured her, contrived to be around her, etc. She made a few bad decisions there in that she had sex, several times, *in the office* with him. She finally decided she needed to get away, at which point he shows up to drive her to the airport. She should have kept quiet and just called a taxi. Of course, she never explained herself to him that I recall, and he was too obsessed with getting in her pants to actually talk to her.


Third - I was mostly ok with it until the H started getting pushy about the relationship. The h is currently unemployed and managing a friend's parents B&B as a favor (and well, she needs the money). In Alaska. A 2 week job. She knows it. He knows it. He presses for a relationship and well...she backs off. In the end, she's ready to leave, he's upset, she gets a call asking her to stay longer and...he finds this all convenient and is unhappy. Ummm...ok bright boy, what exactly do you propose she do with all her spare time? Yeah...those last few pages, I wanted to hit him with a clue-by-four.


Come to think of it, two of the heroes in this needed that clue-by-four. Even if a relationship is a possibility, IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU (mutter)