His Purrfect Mate - Laurann Dohner

After the first book in the series, I half dreaded this one. Fortunately, the H - Anton - is a sweetheart. He and his inner canine are momentarily taken aback by the heroine when she climbs him, and moreso when he finally notices the feline scent BUT... it doesn't take long, like more than a few minutes of conversation while waiting for a packmate to fetch him clothes, for both man and varmint to be all aboard as far as the h is concerned. Still, he takes her back to her home and leaves her alone.


He comes back a few days later while she's filing a police report against someone who utterly trashed her apartment. Turns out it was a few idiot younguns who didn't take heed to his warning, along with a couple of rogue shifters. So he takes her home with him and puts her under his protection.


Much sex later (and a bite, etc), his mom finds out about him being with a part feline and well...


I would just like to say, for a devious and ambitious woman, she (mom) is pretty stupid. She seems unaware that all but her youngest son actually resent her a bit, and doesn't seem to grasp that by taking what appears to actually BE her son's mate and disposing of her, she's crossed a line there's no going back from.


Now, what I didn't like about this book - everyone talks too much. I expect nervous chatter from a scared part cat in wolf territory. The 4 brothers and cousin though? Gaaah! They'd take 3 sentences to explain something that could have been told in 1.5, and the explanation of what the h was going through when they rescued her from being a kitten farm (what mommy dearest signed her up for) came across as an overly detailed info dump.