Haunting Blackie - Laurann Dohner


It's been a while since I've read one of these. This one was released in the middle of EC's meltdown and while I wanted to support the author, I, like many other readers, wasn't about to reward EC for screwing over so many of their authors.


Getting out of the habit of autobuying meant that it was several years after Ms Dohner got the rights back and self-published it before I got a wild notion to revisit. Also meant that I was kinda...puzzled...about who Blackie was. I was thinking he was someone else. Unfortunately for me, the rest of the series is packed away and inaccessible so I couldn't refresh myself with a quick reread (because they're not really a deep series here).


Anyway, seems he was rescued by the h many moons ago when she and her pack (for want of a better word) helped the cyborgs escape. The leaders of the cyborg rebellion made the conscious decision to abandon their co-conspirators because they had dog DNA and they(the cyborgs) didn't want that blood contaminating their gene pool. Unfortunately for our H, that meant they left behind a female that had bonded to him (and vice versa). So he's been adrift and avoiding getting into a family unit because he has little interest.


The h's pack was all but wiped out in retaliation - it's just her and a half sister...sortof. They escaped at some point, and have been living in space as bounty hunters. They get ganged up on by pirates, and rescued by the ship the H is assigned to at the moment...because they're female. Unfortunately, there are 3 cyborgs who knew of their existence and want all evidence of their abandonment wiped out. One just happens to be in command of the ship. H and several allies spend much of the book protecting her and her sister from those who want her silenced.


Unlike many in this series, I actually felt like this was a couple. A lot of her heroes, I'm unsure at times if they even see the h as a sentient being beyond sexual compatibility. Also the h isn't quite human. It's kindof a failing I think that nearly every heroine has to be at least able to pass as human, particularly when the females of the H's race/species/whatever seem to be written as vicious harpies which no man in his right mind would want. Uh...really?


Regarding the h... A friend, after bad experiences with untrained, ill-mannered JRTs, referred to them by the acronym FSFAR - Football Shaped for a Reason. The h, for all that she's a grown-ass woman, is undisciplined, reactionary to the point at times of being almost rabid, and...yeah. Her sister is even more so, in addition to acting like she's 15 at times. Hard to like them. I mean; some of their conversations were funny but they went on too long, were too verbose with replies.. snark and sarcasm work best as one liners, and really, one doesn't have to explain every detail when one is doing something hairbrained that they've done before. For that matter, why did they have to explain - or do everything - when the A-team worthy diversion should have been self-explanatory and as easily done by the two cyborgs (instead of them guarding the door while ordering the women to hide and bitching because they didn't).


Eh, much of its failings are because a) I like to think I'm not the only one who can do this, whatever it is and b) I can't deal with chicks who have little self-discipline.


As an aside, because this irritates me a bit.  A cyborg - cybertronic organism - is a meld of man and machine, in this case, genetically engineered man and machine.  They are NOT a separate species.