First Mate's Accidental wife - Eve Langlais

well... Ok then.


I confess, there is a trope that is often used in futuristic/fantasy/time travel sorts where the "H"(and I use that term loosely), through chicanery gets the h in a position where she's considered married to him and thus subject to his laws, such as they are, and I hate it. Because every damned time it happens, the h is forced to give up everything she knows and is expected to just...get over it...because he's so hawt. (eyeroll).


And while I'm not in favor of the reverse happening either, in the hands of an author known for humor, the results can be very entertaining - as I've just discovered. Note, the author has had her fair share of heroines stolen away and expected to go along with it. She's also the only author who has ever had an even vaguely realistic reaction from an unhappy, and very reluctant female. Granted, it was off-page, but the blue guys (mentioned once in this book) discovered the hard way that women really prefer to have a choice.


And now we have... the H - first mate and not really wanting to hold the position of captain, and the h - daughter of an intergalactic mob boss, kidnapped with intent of a forced marriage by a race of octopi, and rescued (sortof) by said H... She ends up rescuing him by virtue of conned marriage, and well, he's not pleased when he figures out he's actually married. There is a bit of mayhem, and eventually, consummation which, in keeping with the impression of being a harlequin presents spoof, is not nearly as detailed as much of the author's other works.


In the end, daddy is happy for her because she chose a guy she cared for rather than going for wealth...and there's the set-up for the next in the series. Hmmm.