Rescued by the Marine - Julie Miller

Hmmm... I was pleasantly surprised both to discover a new release from the author and that it wasn't a part of her Kansas City series. I'm not too terribly sure about this one though.


Lessee... heroine. Socially awkward, smart but dumb, rich heiress with 2 degrees who is currently working on her phD. 20 years ago, her mother was kidnapped and killed by militia, the leader of which was executed. Her parents have arranged an engagement party for her and her slimy boyfriend on the anniversary of her mother's death because reasons.


Hero - former marine with PTSD, works in SAR. Not stated that he was special forces, surprisingly enough (most ex military heroes are SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets, etc...).

Characters were ok. Basic plot was ok - heroine gets kidnapped while leaving the hotel following breaking up with a douchebag. It went downhill from there.


First, there's the meeting between the H and a fellow SAR team member and the heroine's parents. It's in the local bar where everyone hangs out, including the son of the late, unlamented militia leader and all his cousins.


Then there's the lack of any real armament beyond a basic handgun and a hunting knife, going along with the team member to do this under the table rather than contacting their employer for aid.


He figures out where the h is being held, based on the video they'd sent her father and is disturbed that he didn't know they were so well armed. Uh... with the distinct possibility the militia were involved - there was motivation there - why wouldn't he expect it?


His team member/helicopter pilot is dead when they reach the rendezvous point and he's pondering who might have known. Well duh. They knew he was involved because they were at the bar when he arrived.


At some point he takes off on a forced march downhillish and gets over 150 yards away from the h. Really?! He was that sure they'd lost their pursuers/no bears or other varmints/etc.?


Heroine is smart but dumb - she chatters non-stop "to fill the dead air". Hon, when you're up in the mountains and people are hunting you, you keep that up, there might be more things dead than air. Then, when he leaves her in the hunting shack (why, I dunno), she repairs the radio - sortof, and tries using it. She can't receive, nor can she change frequencies, so she has no way of knowing who is listening in.


Final kicker - what sort of lame-ass background check did the owner of the security firm the heroine's dad employed run that he missed that one of his employees was a nephew to the guy who'd killed his client's wife?