The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo - Kerrigan Byrne

You know, I half expected this to be the revelation that there was yet another MaKenzie bastard. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure he isn't - even when he remembers who he is (he's had amnesia for a L.O.N.G. time), there's no mention of who his father was to assure us otherwise.


Anyway... much like "Dorian", he'd met what would be the love of his life some 20-odd years prior and now he's back to claim her...any way he can.


Things don't really add up - he knows how her brother was to her, made absolutely sure her menagerie was taken care of, yet thinks he can ignore her tears or fear or whatever to claim her? Eh? Mixed signals there. In any case, he eventually gets his head straightened up...shortly after the latest run-in with "Dorian"...when all his memories are handed to him on a platter...and we find out the real reason Morley has been jonesing to hang "Dorian"


To tell you the truth, there were moments I got this and Jennifer Ashley's Mackenzie series mixed up. But only during this book. The others have not given me that bit of confusion. Maybe it was the whole brothers thing. Or being hit in the face so much with all the half siblings.


The heroine was...a heroine? The object of his obsession. She had a limp from her arsehole brother breaking her leg and her father not getting a Dr to set it "because what would people think?" She was, in a way, completely forgettable. And that's actually odd. The other heroines have made impressions. Mostly all she seemed to do was argue with him about who he was. I think maybe even the author had difficulty writing her since her sister-in-law actually got page time listening in on (and spying on) the H's first mate doing a ho. She rescued animals but there were no animals to rescue on a ship. Her brother was dead - killed by the H right before he kidnapped her.


And we spend close to a quarter of the book in the past, setting the stage. Almost all of the books have had some portion of backstory literally back in the day, but this was ridiculous.