Sun, Sand, Sex - Shelly Laurenston, Jennifer Apodaca, Linda Lael Miller

A bit... Ok, usually I prefer my anthology to have a recognizable theme...other than the title. Or at least to be all in the same sub-genre.


The LLM - a second chance romance. The H/h are negotiating a divorce. The h has spent however many years they've been married essentially doing nothing to rock the boat. The H has spent that time getting his way. At some point, they stopped communicating, or maybe he just kinda forgot her. I'm not sure. There was no-one else for either one of them. He'd sold his company and bought a sports car. She'd spent entirely too much time alone not to read something into that. They go spend time at their seaside cottage on the advice of their lawyer/friend. And well, being forced to interact with each other lead to hot sex, a few heated discussions, revelations that his behavior made her feel insecure, etc.


I'm not familiar with the second author. The story was interesting I suppose. Heroine is the family doormat where everyone assumes she's going to deal with their mess. Her mother had a heart attack and dumped her business in the heroine's lap, the brother stole her key and had an affair using her apartment, a client/friend/something of said brother made a copy of the key and started stalking the h - after she'd stapled his pants shut (something about him flashing her at his wedding rehearsal), and also after he'd filed charges against her. The H was the brother to a previous client, and also a bounty hunter. He spent entirely too much time trying to marginalize the h while at the same time giving into the attraction. I wanted to kick him in the nuts more than a few times over the things he said to her.


Third... I would guess this loosely ties in to Laurentston's pride/pack/whatever series seeing as how there are mention of Smiths. it was...odd. The H was more creepy than sexy really, and I got the feeling "No" wasn't in his vocabulary. There was the usual set of quirky characters.