Cajun Pursuasion - Sandra Hill

I think I might have liked this one better if it had been a "clean" romance. The heroine's having made the first step to becoming a nun made her off-limits to such overt sexual come-ons as the hero seemed to fall back on. Fall back on? Heck, that seems to be his entire repertoire.


And this is all before he gropes and dry-humps her while she's mostly asleep - which constitutes rape in my book. Then of course, he asks her if she came over to use her body to get him to agree to something.


This knowing she was a victim of child sex trafficking.


There was a point where she was trying to tell him no and he was ignoring her...or guilting her into going along with him.


All of which gets swept under the rug because romance. Yeah I think it's time I dropped this series. Before I get irritated enough to drop the author.