Maybe This Time - Jennifer Crusie

That...wasn't really what I was expecting.


I think if the blurb hadn't sounded like a romance, I wouldn't have gotten it. If it had been by someone not known for writing romance, I wouldn't have picked it up. H/h do eventually get back together but for 3/4 of the book, she's in a house with 2 kids, a crotchety housekeeper, and 3 ghosts. Then everyone descends on her at once and she's got a reporter, a cameraman, a professor, a medium and her spirit guide, the boyfriend she just broke up with, her ex brother-in-law, her ex, her mother, her ex MIL, and a PI. Chaos ensues, the professor is killed by one of the ghosts, she's almost killed, etc. Not really funny at any point, in spite of the author's best attempts (really, the closest to amusing was when everyone started arriving during the seance.


I didn't get the purpose of repeated seances, or why it took so long to make a connection. Also, the H had someone investigating the house's history before it was relocated to the US, yet that bit never came to light. He had opportunity but was so busy convincing the h that she was hallucinating everything after being drugged that he never bothered to share what he knew, so what was the point?