Beautiful Tempest - Johanna Lindsey

I had some trepidation from the start - the H had already kidnapped the h once. So that, coupled with the h's behavior (at times, v. TSTL intermingled with being decidedly improper) affected my enjoyment. Granted, the author's heroines often do seem to not fit the mold so to speak. They never seem to suffer the consequences. Jack, regardless of whether anything happened the first time, by society's standards, is already ruined. Yet she's hitting balls and fighting off suitors, which doesn't really make sense.


And then there's the H who has the balls to go up to her and ask her to dance while she's standing next to her father, but refuses to try to talk to him. I'd guess he's a bit on the stupid side too seeing as how he knows exactly who her father is - and was - yet never tried to get word to him. Instead, the dumbass tried to capture him, and failing that, went after Jack - again.


Jack, having recognized the handwriting of his notes, goes after him with a small army. Instead of, you know, telling someone like say, her uncle and letting him and whatever passes for law enforcement at the time handle things.


That everything seemingly worked out in the end... the last third of the book isn't bad really. It's just that the whole overprotective father who'll never accept anyone sniffing around his daughter theme is a bit much.