Magic Triumphs -  Ilona Andrews

I reluctantly admitted to myself last night that I had to sleep sometime so put it down...or maybe it was the wee hours this AM. Thank God for coffee.


So the story opens while Kate is in labor. Yay... Then skips ahead 13 months. There was an editing issue with regards to the timeline. Supposedly the ebook will be corrected. It's in the print too so... At various times, the tyke is 18 months old instead of 13. Of course, there's another one that apparently nobody has commented about - did Curran eat 4 or 6 manifestations?


Whatever the case, it was a wild ride with the disappearances seen in Iron and Magic showing up just outside Kate's turf...along with the same varmints. Oh, and because that wasn't nearly enough, Roland's assassins. Because apparently they were getting out of hand so he sicced them on the kid, knowing Kate would go nuclear on them. That actually was almost amusing as the Knights showed up for a conversation about Nick right around the same time the tot got away, headed for mommy, and got cornered by them.


Now, I'm just a wee bit impatient for the next entry in Hugh's tale.