High Voltage - Karen Marie Moning

...Well...it was actually readable. Still had the occasional style shift (going from first person past to first person present once, and going from third person to first person another, both without so much as a page break, let alone the start of another chapter. Very jarring).


The problem I'm having as the series goes on is that it's reinventing things she's written before. Fae were running around on earth in Adam's book, yet supposedly there was a wall to keep them out as per the first Fever book...and every one since really. Hunters were supposedly Unseelie cast but from the sound of it, they likely existed at the beginning of the universe. Along the same lines, it's indicated they were trapped in the unseelie prison until the walls came down, yet they attempted to capture Adam at one point - years before. Early descriptions honestly made me think of a manta ray. Now it's a dragon. Hunters were running amok seemingly at the beginning of the series yet where are they now? And since they're apparently chosen from amongst regular denizens, what is K'vruk's other persona?


Then there's the whole "planets are dead hunters" bit vs the concubine picking a planet with quite a bit of magic left. Does this mean the longer the hunter has been dead, the less magic remains?


So ok, Ryodan informs Dani at the beginning that he and the others of the Nine are going away for 2 years. I get why he was going away - to let her have her freedom. And I get why Barrons was going away - to guard Mac while she learned her new powers. I don't get why the 7 were though. Or where they went. It's revealed that Lor kept an eye on her, but that's still six whatever they were off...counting their toes? Unless an explanation appears in a later installment, I guess this is one of those things where an author has people doing inexplicable things for no reason a'tall.


Did Dani grow any? I can't tell. She still has this "mine" attitude about the city (like a feudal overlord, and with the same contemptuous attitude too). The only thing I could see is that she's suddenly developed new powers howbeit only after threatened by both an old god and Jayne. Jayne of course is still a self-righteous shit. He's convinced somehow he deserves the sword and he doesn't really care that he hurts Dani to get it...kinda like before. Actually, after what he did before, I'm surprised Mac didn't kill him at the first opportunity. But he only shows his face briefly.


Kat finally comes clean to Sean, who is having difficulty with the Unseelie bit (the fact that he and Christian survived the Song is why I wonder if Cruce wasn't an early attempt to convert a human).


All in all though, as the series drags on, I find myself less interested in spending the time/money to keep up. And I suspect the world breaking is going to get worse.