Reverse Abduction - Eve Langlais

I'm not even going to attempt to spell the h's name. She, unlike most of the purple women, only has 2 boobs. She's also apparently a runt (because of the lack of that third boob or because she's smaller? No explanation given). Her dad taught her to fight. She resists her mom's attempts at mating her off. And when the opportunity presents itself (her dad allows it, you find out later), she sneaks aboard the H's ship.


The H is a human, stolen as a child, and rescued from being dinner I suppose by a Maez - a lizardish...humanoid? who adopted him and raised him. He's had a few enhancements so he's a little more than your average human. That's pretty much all we know - other than he has body hair. Yeah, ok. A description would be nice - eye color, hair color, that sort of thing. I guess he's latino but...maybe not? I guess that based on his inner thoughts regarding her prejudice against humans. Something about discrimination and emigration.


In any case, the h is an arrogant hot head and doesn't listen to anything or anyone, which leads to them being captured and on the menu at a fight arena. Which leads to her fatally injuring the beastie he was supposed to be eaten by, which lead to his killing the being who owned the joint, followed by his absconding with the being's oversized gun, and managing to shoot the seal, leading to the destruction of the asteroid base, and well...


Eventually, her father retrieves her, whereupon she reveals that she's knocked up by a human, who shows up shortly thereafter to kidnap her (her race's traditional courtship method, dontchaknow), which has to be elaborately staged because he proceeds to faint upon hearing there's a bun in the oven.


Ultimately, it's better than the last one. That said, I didn't find the h very likable. She was borderline TSTL.