The Darkling Lord - Shona Husk

I am uncertain as to how the time went by. I get that in Annwyn time goes by differently than in the mortal world. But it seems as if just a couple of weeks were covered yet we're told it was more like a couple of months...maybe? Confusing.


The H is something that shouldn't exist...or more precisely, something that is difficult to maintain. He's the result of a grey (banished) fairy and a mortal. He's not fairy enough to survive without a soul, yet because of his fairy parent's grey status, doesn't have one. So he has to feed. He has, for reasons, decided to stop goofing off and do something for the mortal world following the war and other assorted things that bled over from Annwyn. This attracted the attention of Felan - the king.


The h, former handmaiden to the king's not-so-dearly departed mother, has been a shadow for a year and a day (something about a theft to aid the then-prince). To prove her loyalty...or something...she's sent to spy on the H. Given that she falls for him, I'd almost suspect the king of matchmaking. I can't imagine that the Hunter hadn't spied on him previously.


There are some interesting characters - Kaid the kelpie for one - and you sort of wonder if in the future various greys won't get their sentence commuted. At least one of the H's friends had been banished because she got pregnant.