The Unyielding - Shelly Laurenston

Not quite as chaotic as the last one, but still pretty ridiculous. Heh.


The h seems to be the only one with enough power to retrieve some mystical sword that she can't really wield. The H ends up going with her through the portal through no fault of his own, and they run amok through a small assortment of the 9 worlds. Also find out why it's so hard to go between them. And of course, because the h is Erin, running amok is a pretty good description of what happens.


In the end, after Ragnarok, Armageddon, and an assortment of other world endings have been averted, the reader discovers that the Asgardians have a betting pool on whether she'd survive....mostly because she's managed to - by being mischievous and annoying - tick off every one of them.


The really good noose is that Gullvieg or whatever her name is has been vanquished. The bad news? Oh...Loki.


I'm curious about that one as he has his wolf shifters. And there are other shifters so I assume this is set in the same general world as the rest of her shifter books; just not in the same territory. So are the wolves in the other books part of Loki's shifters or are they different? Guess we'll find out.