The Undoing (Call Of Crows) - Shelly Laurenston

The biggest issue I have with these is the writing is as chaotic as the characters. I guess it makes sense. In some ways, it's like the dragon books only with a lot of feathers...and set in contemporary Malibu.


The h is an introvert, former cultist's wife (he killed her), multilingual berserker Crow. She hates small talk, hates being touched, loses her mind if injured, and doesn't stop until the offender is a greasy spot. Half the Crow seem to be wary of her. So is everyone else.


The H is a Protector - one of a clan given owl qualities. Owls but dumb. They can earn small fortunes, but forget to pay the bills.


He offers her a job translating some old books. She accepts only after the Crow leader decides to get her a job.


Somewhere along the line, she discovers that she enjoys talking to him...among other things.


And all this happens around the chaos of the cult leader tracking her down, the partying of her friends (which always seems to end in a brawl of some sort), and banishing a goddess to another realm.