Brief Cases (Dresden Files) - Jim Butcher

I think my issues with this might be similar to the issues I had with a certain romance author doing the same thing - rerelease them as a collection if you want, but don't do that in place of an actual book. (and don't expect me to pay $28 for the damned thing).


Thank God for libraries.


Most of them, I had read. It was nice to do a refresher. I think there are more that weren't in here though. I recall a wedding being crashed or something in one. I don't recall much more than that but it was the first time I'd heard of Harry Dresden and prompted me to start hunting down the books. It wasn't in here.


Of interest was the trip to the zoo with Maggie and Mouse. Seems one of Mouse's brothers wasn't rescued...and apparently ran off and went rogue.


There is one tiny detail...that I keep getting hung up on. The White Court, as I recall, if they found The One by a certain age, were apparently...humanized or something. So if Son Of Bigfoot fell for one...and we aren't told how old she was, but she was in college...would she be too old yet or what? Along that line, if they fell in love after a certain age, they couldn't touch. Thomas was unable to touch Justine... And yet the indicators are that he could - at least, in the short that took place sometime after Ghost Story.