Tricks for Free - Seanan McGuire


Author's note in the back says that since Antimony has done so well, they want a third book of her. Uh...has no one explained series to them? As in, if you're following a series, you'll probably read one book about a character you don't care for just in case there's something you'll need to know in a later book.


I don't care for Antimony. She makes excuses like her siblings are older. Then you find out it's a whole 3 years between her and Verity. She pushes people away, then whines because she's not close to them. She hides under a rock and complains that she can't do anything she wants (she didn't bother going to college because she didn't see any point - she can't use any of the degrees. Yet, her brother manages just fine. Hmmm) She is growing, thank God. The person she was in the previous book spent the entire time dwelling on Verity. Maybe after she broke ties with the Covenant and got to hear her cousin giving her the same shit she spent the entire book giving Verity shook her up.

So she's working at a theme park. Go her. And 8 months after she starts working there, the first disaster happens. This actually bugs me - the timing - as a friend of a friend says it's aftershocks due to her managing to use luck to make the friend (and her) be in the right place at the right time. Yet, the friend and friend of friend have been there more than 8 months so...?


And since Antimony isn't the brightest crayon in the box (I can do it myself is cute when you're like...3, but ridiculous when you're in your 20s), she's on her own - no mice, no boyfriend (as Sam put it, she ran out on him and left him bleeding on the floor), no family... Because, you know, the Covenant can track people. Right. Well, they can. But her grandmother dimension hops and somehow I don't think tracking works through that. Besides which, since she never told her family about her magic, and since she apparently hasn't really done anything other than yoga to keep from being upset and setting herself on fire (really, if you found you could set fires, would not you make every effort to figure out how to do it consciously? You can't prevent it if you don't know how to start it in the first place), she falls prey to a cabal who...figure out how to steal her power.


She figures this out after Sam is unable to shift - the vacuusuck stole that temporarily.

This time, she did go with backup, but you know...she doesn't know what she's doing and gets herself and Sam separated from the others, leading to them being captured and well... She does manage to save the day, but that was rather confusing to be honest.


I hope...she gets resolution and doesn't have to hide in book 8. Suddenly occurs to me that Verity's husband is former Covenant so can't they track him?