The Highlander's Promise - Lynsay Sands

Usual relative trying to kill h. Added bonus in that the h has amnesia and nobody knows the relative exists until practically the end of the book.


H, much like a brother of H, being written as a creepy pervert for humor. Really Ms Sands, only your fangirls aren't turned off by a H wanting to feel up an unconscious h (although his brother's h was conscious, she'd just come to consciousness after being shot several days earlier).


Family and friends not minding their own business (Saidh confronting him was ridiculous, as was everyone essentially going behind his back. He's the Laird - shouldn't they be deferring to him?)


And...considering the time period, why would the H's having a scar be an issue?


As an aside, did anyone get a hinky feeling about his twin's body not being found after the battle? Surely he's not going to show up elsewhere - with fangs.