Sliver Silence - Nalini Singh

I generally don't care for the changeling parings as too many fight the bond (and if the heroine is psy, the hero's first thought seems to be "kill her").  Valentin however, saw his mate, and is making her notice him one way or the other.  She, when she thought about it, realized her Silence was failing as she didn't send him packing.


Naturally, there must be some kink in this - hero happy to have found The One, heroine realizing there's something about him, and accepting him makes for a short story.  She's a telepath...and she hears everything.  Being Silent allowed her to block that aspect of her classification.  By not being Silent, her barriers started failing fast.  Surgery was elected.  Her grandmother pointed out to him that he could have suggested options - I imagine if she'd pulled from the Psy-net, the noise would have been more bearable.


In any case, the surgery made her emotionless.  The bond refused to be denied, and the H making himself present sped things along.


At the end of the book - Bo is in a coma, having gotten between a sniper and his sister, and not expected to survive.  Since the latest book is about him...