The Sea King - C.L. Wilson

There are many descriptives that apply to this lengthy tome - overwritten, unevenly paced, pretentious... And they all point to the real issue - somewhere there's a good story, but it's so buried in the muck that most readers would give up long before anything actually happens. Apparently the editors were bored too - there are missing words in a number of sentences.

First there's the courtship - 200 pages in and she's still saying "no". It's a nearly 600 page book. There's a lot of her hand-wringing about it being dangerous for her to open herself up to him, a lot of alluding to someone she'd killed with her magic long ago. Early on, after it was clear that his royal symbol and hers reacted, and she was pushing him away. I was thinking "you're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?" Because she planned to pass him of to a sister, and go away. Yeah...don't think that'll work. Then, when her dreams became more nightmare as she kept dreaming of incinerating which ever sister her imagination thought he'd pick, she decided she'd kill herself to protect them. At that point, i wondered if they were already too bonded for any of this to work, and what would happen to him if she did.


Then the pace picked up - she and her sisters were kidnapped. After she was rescued, and she still refused him... Let's put it this way - she and her sisters were called weather witches. I started thinking of her as a weatherbitch. I was starting to think of her as that before the kidnapping though.


The H...overly dramatic at times. Still, he was far more likable than she was.


The villains - there was foreshadowing of one of them at the beginning. No surprise there really. The other one seemed over the top, not to mention kinda stupid. You would think he'd realize that doing what he did might cause the very person he did it for to give up. And the lengths he went to made me wonder if he weren't responsible for the death that put said person in decline in the first place.