Deceiving Daddy - Susan Kearney


So ok, the h would make a v. good con artist. Granted, she's got a stalker so it's kinda necessary but the extremes she goes to is disconcerting. And pointless since she's tied to her grandmother so the stalker can always find her. And of course, the stalker is someone close to both her and her grandma.


I thought the H got over all her deceptions way too quickly.


The biggest issue for me with this though was the details. We're to believe that a successful business man (or heck, even an unsuccessful business man) has no security system anywhere in his house. How do we know this? Oh, the stalker waltzed in, watched the h shower, shredded her underwear, and left a note. No mention of alarms, no broken glass, the door (no mention of damaged locks either). Come to think of it, the lawyer she worked for had a break-in at his office and no security system went haywire.


And well, not really understanding WHY the stalker had a "thing" for her. It wasn't like he was a neighborhood creep or anything - everyone liked him, he was good looking, etc. So why was he after her? Couldn't have been that he was hard up for a date.