The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride - Day Leclaire

I suppose it was meant to be cute/sweet but honestly, the security system, the H, the h's parents... all conspired to make me wonder about the h's intelligence for remaining where she was after the death of her husband. Or, for that matter, remaining where she did when she realized her husband was a schmuck. I mean; why stay married to a guy who doesn't care? Oh. Right. Her *family*.


I actually checked the date on this to see when it was written - the family pressuring her to marry, etc., just seemed so dated.


I'm not touching on the H's parents - the absentminded geniuses who apparently left their brilliant son to his own devices. Yeah right, ok. I'm trying to figure out how it was that he wasn't included on their projects - an untapped mind and all that. Seems more likely they'd have put him to work instead of forgetting he was around.