Twice Bitten: An Argeneau Novel - Lynsay Sands

There were things that got in the way of this being a solid 4 so it's kinda a shaky, quivering, ready to shrink to a 3.5 sort of 4.


Elspeth was met a million years ago in Lisseane's was her twin sisters...and mother. Mommy dearest is also the mother of Cale and Decker. Decker never said much about his family, but Cale revealed that his father and 8 of his brothers were killed by a rival 2 millennia ago. So I *guess* there's one more brother somewhere? maybe? The girls' father apparently only came into Martine's life a couple centuries ago, so she's been alone and fretful for a long time...and she's paranoid about the daughters' safety. So paranoid that when the h disappeared 4 years ago, she freaked and upon finding her daughter, rearranged her memories to make her forget that she'd spent 24 hours with her life mate. Elspeth finds this out later in the book. She's already fed up with being controlled (literally) so has undertook to move while her mom and sisters were out of the country.


Wyatt is the life mate in question, and is greatly puzzled that she does not seem to remember him, although being a mostly bright boy, he quickly figures things out. He's visiting his grandma - her landlady - to see if the elderly woman really does need to be shuffled into a nursing home. Fortunately, Elspeth's mom can't hold her hand while she eats so she's able to "encourage" the landlady's BIL to say what he really thinks during a meal, nixing any idea that grandma is incapable of taking care of herself.


It's the niggling things that drag this one down. An ex special forces H who works as a body guard yet he fails to notice they're being followed? And I know walmart is busy but it's possible to maintain enough situational awareness to notice someone hovering around you or following you while you shop.


It's almost expected at this point that the superpowers the immortals possess are not used. Nobody notices someone lurking and watching the house (in the case of Marguerite's house, not only that, but the pet Mastiff didn't notice and try to eat him or at least bark a lot), nobody takes a minute or 3 to read minds of anyone wandering near them... Oh, and what's the purpose of letting a dog out when the dog door is a magnetic one that responds to his collar. Couldn't he go out any time he wanted?


And they all pile in the same car, setting the stage for Elspeth to be kidnapped near the end (mortal creep instigated an accident, and grabbed her while everyone was unconscious. Couldn't have gotten her if they'd split up)