Immortally Yours - Lynsay Sands

Well... Here we have Drina's only surviving member of the brothel she was a Madame of. We sort of know how she was turned...and Scotty was mentioned then as the rescuer when Drina and Beth confronted the rogue who had attacked the retired ladies of the evening, though not by name.


I was baffled as I'm almost positive Scotty was the name of one of the Immortals Dressler had in his clutches. I'd have to hunt that last book to see.


Beth is... well, let's put it this way, were I the H, I'd be wary of ticking her off. In the first chapter or two, she's taken down a rogue by nearly splitting him down the middle.

Scotty - H - is at times (in the h's words) an ass, stubborn, bossy, and just plain stupid. He keeps trying to convince her to let them do a 3-in-one so she won't have to remember her past. Besides the whole bit that she'd essentially have to be taught everything - again, there's also the little bit that he seems blithely unaware of - that as per Vampire Interrupted, it's forbidden to perform on Immortals. he's head of the UK council and unaware of this?! Even better, as demonstrated in the aforementioned installment, this gives the immortals performing the ritual permanent access to the victim's mind...and the ability to control them.


I kept hoping one of the others would grab him by the ear and "explain" things to him.

Then there's the ubiquitous villain - a fellow female Enforcer and rogue victim the H took in as a child and at some point (like, shortly after rescuing the h and Drina), assumed SHE was his lifemate so instigated a sexual relationship. He realized his mistake a few months later when for some ungodly reason, he undertook to attempt to persuade the European council the h was nuts and slept under the same roof as her. Naturally, the one who was nuts (and perhaps would have benefited from the forbidden 3-in-1) was the girl he'd raised.


What I didn't really understand is why, when they realized it was an inside job, they didn't call forth a meeting and read *everyone*. But as per usual, they poke into everyone's thoughts over personal stuff yet it never seems to occur to anyone to start reading minds when trouble starts.