The Virgin and the Vagabond - Elizabeth Bevarly

If I'd realized I had the whole series, I could have pulled and read them all at once. Oh well.


Series thoughts:

Author writes offbeat, tongue in cheek sort of humor, often with a side of sarcasm. This one came across more as sad and/or pathetic. The three girls grew up into three women who the town more or less dismissed. And for whatever reason, the women stayed. Why? I'm mostly ignoring the whole comet bit here - why under the circumstances, would anyone remain?


Book itself:
15 years ago, h, along with her friends, wished upon a comet. Her wish was to find true love (with the expected picket fence and 2.5 children of course). She's now 30. I'm not sure if she's been on a date. The still-single men in town don't look at her as a woman, which is weird when you think about it. And worse, they've decided she's on the make and are making her the town joke. Lest one feel too sorry for the woman, the reason the H saw her nude is because SOMEbody sunbathes in the nude. 8' privacy fences only go so far. Add to her being blond and being about to doze off sunny side...down I guess. Skin cancer, wrinkles, and sunburns don't exist in this world apparently. The doorbell rings (H) and instead of getting dressed, she dons a kimono and just...opens the door?! Later, she goes outside looking for her newspaper while wearing a teddy.


Then you find out later the various escapades being attributed to her were indeed accidents and some jerks are having a laugh at her expense. But you know...having seen her cavorting in the supposed privacy of her property like that, it's easy to think otherwise.


H - philandering playboy millionaire - spies her through a telescope, pays her a visit, and is astounded when she manages to shut the doors (her door has a peephole door - why didn't she just open that in the first place?) on him. He starts pursuing her in spite of being terrified at the implications she wants commitment. She even tells him he's not what she's after in her efforts to push him away. He manages a makeover (her since of style seems strange, btw), attempts to "ruin" her reputation, only to stand guard dog over her. She finally gives in and puts out, which scares him into deciding he's leaving as soon as he can get his clothes packed.


He finally comes to his senses and well, HEA.