It Happened One Night - Marie Ferrarella

It might have been better if the apparent cause of the H/h getting together wasn't a rift between their comedy act fathers. And if we didn't spend entirely too much time around these two old farts variously moping around and annoying the hell out of the H/h... and in the case of the h's dad, kvetching vaguely about something his partner did. 


The h had the vague sense of unease that she was in over her head with someone who wasn't exactly her type. She tried to keep him at arms' length but it didn't work. And then they had a fight... To be fair, she was attempting to remove herself from his life, and he was expressing resentment at what her intrusions had done to him. So...who started it? Not sure. He did come around the next day and have a heartfelt talk with her, followed presumably by the expected HEA - there were tickets to Vegas involved.