Hunter's Way - Justine Davis

It isn't often that the style itself lands a book in the "meh" category with me. Usually, a character or plot device manages to do that.


I don't understand really - the author wrote two of my favorite futuristics. What happened? The H was fine, if a bit of a dick in the beginning. The h was fine. The cast of characters was fine, plot...


What wasn't fine was how you'd be cruising along in the narrative and suddenly a thought bubble would interrupt the flow, as if the character was talking to themselves - out loud, only without quotations. Very confusing at times, particularly when it happened right after a conversation, then you realized that wasn't part of said conversation but someone's random thought.


Also, the sex scenes could use a bit of work - the first one gave me the impression they were on a giant Scat Mat powered by a small substation...or hit by tazers simultaneously.